If it makes me happy then it will!

I had time to think about a lot of things that had happened to me over a period of time. Call it bad luck,  I attracted the wrong sorts because of which I am quite behind. My parents are conservative in all manners. The upbringing made me very mistrustful of people which at a young age is not healthy. The people I met showed me the other side of the life which is, to be honest very stupid. I breathed in the negativity and it adversely affected my health. I gained 22 pounds. Some would say it made me look good,  some said- fat.

The thing with human beings is that they will overthink any criticism someone puts forth. It affected me in a harsh way. I started eating a lot, mostly sugar. I didn’t inculcate good qualities. I used to spend money on food. Yes, that’s right- food. I wasn’t healthy before and it had worsened the situation. I started believing all thing ‘unnatural’. I knew there was deep down wrong with me.

I used to overthink. A lot. My parents insisted that I should loosen up in academics which I did. But there was still something wrong.

I then started listening to indie-folk music. I couldn’t relate to it anymore. It changed to classical which I now think was depressive. Artists do have unhealthy habits which verge on madness.

I started sketching, faces are the ones I am more comfortable with. It stopped the tick-tock bomb going in my mind of which I was very grateful.

I started talking to limited people which didn’t lack quality. I started drinking water which made my insides happy. I focused on eating full breakfast. I started taking care of my skin and hair. I learned a few hair tricks.

Well, that was before May 2017. Now I knew that the time has come to get rid of belly fat. I started exercising from the last month of June. I didn’t lose much, but I lost some fat. I enjoy doing squats, pushups even if it makes me sweaty.

I am growing out my hair. My goal is to reach the waist length.

I have even stopped listening to Classical music. I couldn’t bear all that sadness and melancholy filled in the tune. I even watch contemporary dance on youtube. I try doing it in my room, I look hilarious doing that!

In all, I am in a new phase which is still full of unexplored, intriguing ideas. I want a life full of happiness and kindness which will begin from me and nobody else. I know it.

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