About the human structure

What is the one thing that has always made you step back? It might be many things for others. But it is essential that we know what we have, what we can have and what we must have. It is also not about acquiring material things. You must have got this feeling sometimes or may be, most of the time when you are really in need of one essential thing and you blank out when you are asked a reason for it.

This is clearly not about saying what we must have per se. This post is about finding that hole that’s been sucking your entire life. It’s like that crack in the wall from where the prisoner zero escaped (Sorry, for my Doctor Who reference!). But the point still stands clear. You need to fill the hole. How do you do it? By reversing the polarity!

In essence what human beings want is satisfaction. Anything that brings you joy, makes you wonder are the things that must be kept. It is like faith that makes you believe in doing the impossible thing possible. It makes the humans progress.

I am not here to make a remark on human psychology or relate anything to spiritualism. Everything and anything is about self-growth. Look at any field be it science, arts- it’s all about growing.

People perceive this in a wrong manner. They want to grow up which is not so true. One has to grow old so as to teach others what one has learnt during that course of time. One cannot accumulate everything and die with it. It is about giving and sharing. It is about making rational and humane decisions. It is about leaving the pride aside and moving forward. It is about accepting the way you are. It is about the way the others are. If this does not make you human, I don’t know what will.

If something guarantees a change, do it. Do not act on whim. I repeat, do not act on whim. If you’re afraid of something, then be the best in it (Thanks Joey, we all love you!). Honey, you have to your own motivation. Bring out the spark in you. Make sure everyone knows that you are to be respected. And you will see that you are attracting the good side of them.

We were all taught moral values. Those were essentially about showing good to others but they never were about showing good to yourself. They never ever were. The moral values book are full of expectations from the oldies but never taught the very basic thing about living.

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