3-step Transition

You know those feelings when you are confused as to why people leave you without giving any explanation, everyone has faced that. This I have faced on many accounts. I don’t want to propagate the fact that I am not a nice person and I should carry a board bearing the phrase- AVOID ME!

The situation with those people whom you don’t talk to anymore and avoid them, maybe they have the wrong impression of you. They (in my case) put the blame on you for something you have done no doing. They make you suffer; they make you wallow in the negativity that they carry, they make sure that you take the responsibility of what bad has occurred to them.

I personally feel that if it’s their fault, do not blame yourself. Go on. Move on. There are better people whom you have never met or even met but never talked to. Go to them. It’s the nicest thing you can do to yourself.

But first, do whatever’s left of that partnership/relationship/friendship. If they cannot understand you, make sure that you leave with a ground that they can’t even voice on. Do something good for yourself. Join any class, learn a new dance form, involve yourself in sport or maybe you can go camping!

The choices are endless. You can be with them or you can be with people who make you feel and think better.

Take a pause, declutter your books, clothes. Put on some good music. Think something bright and beautiful. Something that you can create with your mind and I can assure you, the living place is beautiful and heavenly. Do this for 15 minutes daily. Make that thought run alive, imagine yourself playing harp or even Add to dictionary! Come out of it and then do whatever you usually do. Give yourself the healthiest treatment you can ever give. Sometimes it’s not about sharing the problem, you can do this on your own. But never rely on anybody to solve it for you. The process is harmful believe me.

I was reading somewhere on karma- it comes into effect only if you realize what you did was a wrong. You will have to accept at it is. You can not change it. No-one has the capacity to do so. You can change your position in this time and not in the future.

It took me 2 years to realize where I went wrong and I am changing my current position. I am doing everything I can to change my views and become positive.

This being said, I now want you to relook every decision you made whatever was the circumstance- accept it. The first step is to accept your position. Don’t blame it on anyone not even to yourself. Don’t be harsh. It’s your body. It’s been keeping you alive since you took birth. It is life. You cannot break life.

Second would be to adopt healthier practices. I recommend that you take good sleep, eat healthy food and do things that keep you satisfied.

Third would be start something which you have never done before perhaps like applying for a job which you have never thought of acing or maybe going to a solo-trip. This step I feel, brings out the new ‘you’.

There is no fourth step. It is not that you have to follow these steps in the same order. These came to me as I progressed. I call this as 3-step transition.

When you step inside it, you see the world as is meant to be seen. This beautiful world has so much to offer to you, can’t you offer something good back?

Let good thoughts come to you as they are.




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