All  poems published here are written by me unless specified.

INTJ here. You might not see cheesy, lovey-dovey poems here because I just can’t write them. I see something and then I write- like watching sunset filled with pink lines, things like that. I would appreciate if you post a comment- academic criticism I prefer. Thoughts are my own so I can’t change the theme.

I used to write stories, I am not that imaginative enough to create multiple characters and string them together. I did write a few, check: Fanfiction . I still read fanfictions.

So, I need to tell you something about me. I come off shy, but not hesitant to have a long conversation. I love eating chocolates and I think that orange and chocolate don’t go together! I am obsessed with wearing dark blue and rusty red. I like numbers. I play with them. I don’t reckon what I’ll do without numbers. People are more puzzling than numbers.

I hope that you read my poems and share something nice!

Have a good day!