The Solar Prayer

Rise above, the mighty voice of Raven

show us the law and the beauty

the life and the duty,

Have us pay for the ceremony

and sing us the songs of centuries beyond.

Your daughter sees us from the beyond

brings the words that clear our dears across

– “pray for the unloved

not seen by us

and for us

who never sang at all.”

I pray for thee

I pray for anyone who cross my deeds

they crossed my time

for she will cross theirs

in hope to return the forgotten deed

of the past dishonour and greed.


The Vulture

He paints me in ocean green

the wildest blues I wished them too

I can define those eyes anywhere

I have seen them searching the beyond.


They scare me

very deadly and very elegant

they don’t follow the pattern

I am accustomed to.


Never a lover of darkness

yet paints himself in the dark

he puts plants around the light

to find them they were dead all along.


He puts his chair in fire

to find it freezing itself to death

to hell with it, I could argue with it

still will be a vulture when I am hiding.


He talks in the smoke

and follows me through the trail

keeps a memo of me saying words

“Mr. Green, leave me alone!”


Danse Macabre

Sugar that cost me brightning firecrackers

From the insides; forgotten and unbelievable

I stood there to sell a few more

Yet I come to undwindling breeze

That carried by my forsaken godmother.

“Be hell with it!” Cries she

As she lunged forward to reign the command

And take this long winter

Away from the eyes of strangers and the loved ones.

We all dance with death

For once it comes, it takes us all

And too with its ferocity

We might never see the light again.