You itch to speak a word

Or even get something right

That time when you yield to someone

And didn’t take your own side.

Water may split into several

And the reservoirs you created

To reserve your best

And lost it to a bet when there was a chance.


Just a tourist

I thought my early days were fawner

Hazed by forgotten and numbered days

I had one pen, one voice and different minds to keep up with

Yet I couldn’t keep up with my own.

It began in the brighter days

When my days weren’t bright at all

I saw lines as vividly as I can

And friends were none to keep.

I was just a tourist

Passing by their lives

Peeping through the lens

Of which I shouldn’t lie.

I made the art alive

Breath as fresh as it can ever be

Perhaps to be broken by someone

Younger after all.


Never be an element of reality

It hurts people

They can’t see the neutrals

I don’t know what they would do when they encounter chaotics.
I come off in the shades of green

Carrying a red umbrella

Revealing the inside bleak.
I shadow the broken, the depth and the unsolved

And pitch the unwoven puzzles

Into decryptic numbers.
That’s what I am

That’s what who I was

Now I have a name to put it

Yet you shadowed it as well.

Gentle love

The music  played loud too well  for our ears to begin

it was our first dance that started in the rain

though it was our last.

I never liked the thunder

for it was accompanied with nothing but pangs of sadness and disasters

none I could swear by

his kisses were undone and half

and promises broken like everything else.

I wish you could be more mysterious

’cause you haven’t solved my mystery

woven with memories and unsaved data

and the honey-coloured skies.

Small words

Preliminary is the stage from where we start

yet we go back to it when we reach the end

the fire speaks for itself

the unspoken words of tragedy and despair that made me cry in the summers

I reach for air but it strangles me with its words

I have none to give it back

there are words that can be left understood

but you defy my means and my needs to challenge the words

can we come to closure and make peace to ourselves?